SAORI Looms & Equipment

SAORI Looms & Equipment

People sometimes assume that weaving has to be complicated and time consuming.


piccolo-220x300wx60_1SAORI looms have been designed for ease of use and storage. They provide comfortable flexibility encouraging freedom to experiment, allowing you to focus on being creative and to indulge in the joy of weaving with the least amount of technical interference.

Most SAORI 2 and 4 shaft looms are foldable and height adjustable.

SAORI makes weaving accessible to all. With accessories and adaptations to enable those with restricted movement it is completely inclusive and is truly suitable for people of all ages and all abilities:-


  • Shuttle Shelf Lets you weave with only one finger or even with a foot.
  • Hand Switcher and Weight A weaver can switch the harness and weave using only hands, not feet.
  • Flat Pedal Beam for Wheelchair Lets a weaver in a wheelchair roll in close to the loom.  The brace has 5 height settings, allowing you to raise the loom up to 12.5cm (4.9″) from the floor.  This is helpful for tall weaver as well !
  • Bobbins with Flanges The flange prevents the yarn from coming off at the edge of the bobbin.
  • Shuttle with Pegs A weaver can easily move this shuttle by pushing the two pegs with a finger or a stick held in the mouth.  It is very easy to handle, with a wide slot to insert a medium-sized bobbin into and a large hole to feed the thread through.

When you buy a loom from SAORImôr  you get a complete SAORI Loom Buyers Support Package to help you with making the most from your new loom.

  • Test Drive a wide variety of SAORI looms to see which you find most suitable for your weaving and lifestyle choices.
  • See and try out various accessories to enhance your personal comfort. Discover the range of equipment which comes with your loom and additional optional extras for you to consider.
  • Order a SAORI loom built in Japan, especially for you.
  • Enjoy complimentary Studio Membership until your loom arrives, including Studio Time for your own weaving and discounts off selected purchases from the SAORImôr Studio Supplies Shop.
  • Have a dedicated one-to-one Set Up & Settle Session to become familiar with all the features of your own loom and begin bonding (plenty of stroking and smiling)
  • Benefit from our dedicated After Sales Care Service. Only a phone call away for any technical trouble shooting.
  • Receive invites for yourself and your loom to special SAORI Kais & events.

For more information on the wide range of 2 and 4 shaft looms available please do visit the studio, give us a call or book a Test Drive & we will be happy to help you find the SAORI Loom which suit you best.


A range of beautifully crafted and well considered equipment is available to perfectly complement your SAORI loom and enhance your weaving experience.

Our favourite time & money saving accessories include :-

  •  Clipping Tying Rod. This new type of rod invented by Kenzo Jo clips the end of the warp threads so you do not have to tie and tension them.  This rod enables you to make an easy and speedy set-up of the warps.    (click to view video)
  • Inside Set. By purchasing an extra “Inside Set”, you can remove your work from the loom while still in progress and put another work in its place. A cost effective way for a groups of weavers to time share a loom as each inside set effectively creates another loom.
  • Ready Made Warps. A weaver can skip the warping process, thus making threading easier and less time-consuming. 
  • Warping System. A weaver can make their own warp, warp & thread up at the table, thus making threading more comfortable and less time-consuming. 



For Your Group: When you are ready to consider hosting one or more of our looms on your own premises then ask about our

SAORI Staff Training and Support Package.


For Individuals: To purchase SAORI products in the UK or Europe

visit the online SAORImôr Studio Supplies Shop .