About Us


 About Us


SAORImôr  Freestyle Weaving for Wellbeing is a Welsh social enterprise established to:

  • Share the joy & wellbeing benefits of SAORI.
  • Establish a SAORImôr label to raise funds for sustainable delivery of affordable wellbeing experiences to a wider client base.
  • Develop an increased awareness of freestyle weaving as a modern art form.
  • Provide a retail outlet to our members to support them in the sale of their own goods, thereby providing the opportunity for personal prosperity.
  • Promote the creativity of local Welsh weavers & the local heritage of Welsh woollen weaving.

Much of the magic happens in the relaxing atmosphere of Wales’s only SAORI studio.

SAORImôr Studio is small privately run, Bangor based, studio which supports Weaving for Wellbeing by facilitating studio time, space, looms, materials and knowledge.