Julia Musgrave

Julia Musgrave  B.Ed.(Hons.)

Weaving for Wellbeing Facilitator


“Strengthening Emotional Resilience

Through Mindful Creative Exploration.”

  • Julia’s practice centres on traditional Welsh rural crafts such as spinning, weaving, dyeing, basketry & green woodworking.
  • Her hand woven pieces incorporate ethically sourced natural materials
  • Julia has qualified teacher status and experience teaching all ages and levels from reception to post graduates.
  • For many years she has worked as a qualified Artist Facilitator, with community groups and schools, facilitating nature based creative exploration, through the medium of interactive role play.
  • Julia’s dedication to arts in health has brought her to SAORI, an internationally recognised form of freestyle weaving for wellbeing, originating in Japan.
  • Julia nurtures students’ awareness of time and place, in a mindful and non-judgmental way.
  • Together with her SAORI weaving mentor, Rosie Green, Julia co-runs Bangor based, SAORImôr, Wales’s first and only SAORI studio.



Much of the sensual interest of Julia’s fashion fabrics for bags and windowsill runners derive from the variations of textural techniques, strips of repurposed clothing, dried flowers and array of Oriental silks & cotton yarns.


“The seasonal rhythm of living and working beside the seaside in Wales, never fails to invigorate my creativity.”, explains Conwy based SAORI Freestyle Weaver, Julia Musgrave.


“Bracing winter sea storms and glimpses of sheep huddling against the remote harshness of upland Snowdonia, thrill me as much as they chill me.” She explains with a shudder and a giggle.


The Welsh winters which inspire Julia, show clearly in her woven creations; slate buttons, tiny seashells and wooden beads adorn warm woollen scarves and plump cushions upon which, mounds of natural sheep fleece fibre surge from a background of tweedy grey-green hand-spun yarns.


With a warm and wistful smile Julia concludes, “But an equally vibrant but more colourful atmosphere abounds once the summer season begins and flocks of happy holidaymakers migrate to the coastal resorts.”


Trysorau wedi’u wehyddu â llaw wedi’u hysbrydoli gan batrwm cyfoethog bywyd yng Nghymru. Botymau llechan, cregyn bychain a gleiniau pren yn addurno sgarffiau meddal, bagiau beiddgar a chlustogau.