SAORI Globally

SAORI Globally



  • Developed in Japan almost 50 years ago by Misao Jo.
  • SAORI is now practiced worldwide by a varied community of over 40,000 weavers
  • XX Registered SAORI Studios worldwide.
  • SAORI philosophy & techniques have inspired weavers & artists worldwide for over 40 years

This website is the gateway to the global network of people enjoying or coaching  SAORI®, the free-style hand weaving program for everyone. We weave and learn together in search of our true, hidden selves.



There are 4 registered SAORI Studios in the UK with qualified SAORI Instructors who have completed their Instructor training at SAORInomori in Japan.

Many of these studios have students who have been so inspired by SAORI that they are now running SAORI inspired workshop sessions of their own.